Thermal Imaging for Building Diagnostics

Did you know that heat loss can account for up to 50% of total energy consumption in a building? That is a lot of wasted energy. Thermographic reviews on the building enclosure and infrastructure can decrease annual energy consumption rates and increase energy savings, both of which are a high priority for commercial building Owners and home Owners alike. Non-destructive infrared imaging can assist in minimizing annual building operating costs as well as to ensure occupant comfort through preventative maintenance reviews. When a building cannot provide accurate temperature control optimization, occupants usually result to opening windows, thermostat adjustments and the use space heaters, all of which cost the Owner thousands of dollars annually. Most leaky buildings that have significant thermographic anomalies have difficulties maintaining the Building Automation System (BAS) temperature set-points in occupied space which cause a multitude of discrepancies.

CES offers thermal imaging to all of our clients. We can provide Owners with non-destructive, forensic analysis and diagnostics to discover the root of the problem, provide resolution methods and will improve energy efficiency.

Thermography applications include:

  • Building enclosure
  • Moisture roof and brick detection
  • Mold detection
  • Varmint detection
  • Electrical panel board arcing and improperly torqued lugs
  • Duct leakage
  • Pipe leaks and pipe risers
  • Troubleshooting MDF & IDF heat loads
  • Preventative equipment maintenance
  • Motor and bearing evaluations


Roof Inspection

Performing an infrared inspection

of your roof can unveil leaks where membranes may have torn, flashings may have failed and deficiencies in the insulation continuity where air is escaping, or deteriorated sections of roofing due to unwanted moisture.


Air Infiltration

Thermal imaging of your building

envelope can detect areas where heat loss is occurring and serve as a quality control measure to ensure insulation has been installed properly and all fenestrations, gaps are adequately sealed.


Moisture Intrusion

By the time there is visible

evidence of moisture intrusion,
significant damage has already occurred. Using an IR camera and our Certified Thermographer, moisture
issues can be located and addressed before they become a large, dangerous, and costly problem.



The rapid, instantaneous, nondestructive, and noncontact 
features of infrared imaging indicate its suitability for many building and home owners, to help find what lays beneath the walls.