Wilbraham Police Department

Commissioning / Municipal / Public Safety

Architect Tecton Architects
Size 15,800 sq.ft.
Cost $8,000,000

Initially, CES was selected to provide MEP/ FP engineering design services for the feasibility study to determine the best available options for relocating, expanding and updating the police station. Ultimately, it was decided that a new police station would be constructed for the town, and CES is again providing MEP/ FP services for this stage of the project. The existing police station
was originally constructed in 1904 and has had various uses including a school, town hall and police station. In time, the building has deteriorated significantly and the police department has outgrown both the space and functionality of the building.

The new station will add 10,000 sq. ft. in overall size encompassing workspace, interview areas, decontamination facilities, security and prisoner areas as well as providing an efficient floor plan circulation and mechanical systems. Construction completion is estimated in 2017.

CES will also provide commissioning services after construction completion.