UMASS Memorial Medical Center


For nearly 20 years, CES has been providing MEP engineering design services for projects with the  UMASS Memorial Medical Center. This 785 bed hospital has nearly 10,000 employees and sees over a million patients a year and is the leading medical academic center in the region

CES has had the privilege to work with the hospital  for over 50 projects spanning over each of t the 3 campuses.
These projects have included just some of the following;

  • Hahneman OPT Renovations
  • Memorial South PT Suite
  • University Pharmacy Renovations
  • University ED Renovations
  • Memorial SPD Renovations
  • Hahneman Outpatient TB Clinic
  • Memorial NICU Renovations
  • Memorial Spine Center
  • Benedict Building Renovations
  • Memorial North One Physician Offices