Southern Connecticut State University – Business School

Higher Education
Architect Tecton Architects
Size 22,000 sq. ft.
Cost $6,720,000
LEED Certified Gold

The former student union at Southern Connecticut State University is now home to its new School of Business. Complete renovations addressed the programmatic needs of the department and includes administrative offices, computer laboratories, flexible classrooms, conference areas, and common spaces for the students to gather.

This CES project has achieved LEED Gold Certification by incorporating VRV system designs, photovoltaic panels, and the reuse or incorporation of recycled building materials.

The HVAC system consists of a VRV heat pump system in conjunction with a dedicated ventilation system. The VRV heat pumps are located in each space to provide heating and cooling; the VRV system includes heat recovery which allows the heat rejected by spaces in cooling mode to heat the spaces in heating mode. The ventilation system incorporates heat recovery devices to recover energy from the air being exhausted from the building and monitors the CO2 level within the spaces in order to reduce the ventilation air while maintaining acceptable ventilation levels, thereby conserving energy. The HVAC system also provides individual control for all spaces, reducing the potential for occupant discomfort, and provides excellent energy savings.

The electrical system incorporates a 4.2 kilowatt roof mounted photovoltaic system to produce electricity and reduce the amount of electricity purchased from the local utility company.

The building’s lighting features energy efficient LED lighting fixtures to further reduce energy consumption while maintaining acceptable lighting levels. Daylight sensors are provided in select spaces to dim the lighting when ambient lighting conditions permit.

The plumbing system includes low flow fixtures and a high efficiency water heater to reduce the water and energy consumption of the building. Sprinklers are provided throughout the entire building.