Guilford High School

Commissioning / Public Education
Architect Tai Soo Kim Partners
Size 207,000 sq.ft.
Cost $89,900,000

CES served as the commissioning agent for this $89.9 million dollar project. The new 207,000 sq. ft. high school was constructed on the existing high school site. CES planned, managed, performed and reported on the commissioning activities starting during the design phase and continuing through the warranty phase. CES commissioned the entire heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system including but not limited to boilers, chillers, ice storage, pumps, air handling units, VAV boxes, fan coil units, unit heaters, cabinet unit heaters, co-generation system, and radiant systems.

The school is designed to be energy efficient with radiant floors for both heating and cooling loads. The co-generation system designed by Tecogen is a unit that produces electricity while providing hot water from engine waste heat. The ice storage system chillers run at night at non peak hours, providing for lower utility costs to produce ice to be used for cooling during the day. This allowed the design team to size the chillers smaller than the total cooling load. The lab areas are served by Phoenix laboratory airflow control system integrated with the Johnson Controls Metasys control system.