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Design Consulting Engineering Services
Installation Consulting Engineering Services
Legacy Mechanical Group, Muir Electric
Size 49,000 W
Cost $245,000

In February of 2009 the team successfully completed a new 14kW rooftop PV system with a dual axis solar tracker. The tracker and rooftop system consists of 76 solar panels that are generating approximately 16,000 kwhr of power a year. One of the rooftop panels is dedicated to a solar hot water system with drain back tank. This system will make enough hot water to support the building’s needs 50% – 75% of the year. CES was able to complete this project through the help of grants received from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.

In October of 2013, two arrays totaling 35kW were added in the parking lot and south facade of the Middletown office. With this addition, CES is able to offset over 40% of the energy needed to support the building.