Dupont Middle School (Chicopee Academy)

Public Education
Architect Caolo & Bieniek Associates
Size 173,000 sq.ft.
Cost $38,000,000

CES provided complete MEP engineering design services for this comprehensive, $39 million dollar renovation project that converted the historic old Chicopee High School Building into a vibrant new learning environment for the Dupont Middle School students. Included in this project were upgraded MEP systems, ADA code improvements, renovations to computer labs, classrooms, and cafeteria. This comprehensive renovation project turned the 90-year-old high school into a space for about 700 six, seven and eighth-graders. The cafeteria is now located in a spot once used for locker rooms. The main office has been converted into a music room and a television studio and every classroom is wired with technology that barely existed 20 years ago. Also on the first floor is a new room for technical education, or pre-engineering, classes and new computer labs are better designed so the teacher can instruct students with a Smartboard while they are working on computers. Each grade level has its own science laboratory and one “dirty lab” complete with a fume hood, sinks and a dishwasher for the glassware is set up on the second floor for science teachers to use for experiments with different chemicals.